‘Simply unwind, relax or recover and rebuild – a massage tailored to you’

Chamonix Massage

Every single body has a complex history and therefore every single one of our massages is entirely unique and constantly adapted according to how a person responds to treatment.

With over 1000 hours of intensive training in specialist massage workshops across the world, Suze designs the right massage for you.

Chamonix Body Therapy collaborates with a select group of professional therapists in the valley to make sure to deliver the right treatment and the quality you need - even during peak times like on the eve of a powder day or a race day!

Massage in Clinic (Central Chamonix)
60 min: €70
90 min: €100

Mobile Massage Service (Chamonix Valley from Servoz to Vallorcine)
60 min: €90
90 min: €120

‘Helping you to find balance, flexibility and well-being’

What is Rolfing® and how does it work?

Rolfing® Structural Integration is a touch and movement therapy that works specifically on the web-like network of connective tissues, called fascia, to release, realign and balance the body in gravity.

The Rolfer works to find and release restrictive patterns that may have developed in response to external stress factors - such as injury, trauma or unhelpful postural habits.

Rolfing explores the relationship we have with the body by working with sensory awareness to bring about long lasting change in postural and movement patterns. Unlike many other forms of bodywork, Rolfing is a client-led therapy - the Rolfer and the client work together to discover the ways the body has been responding to gravity and the environment.

The Rolfing process is a series of 10 sessions over 2 – 6 months, sequentially covering the whole body and allowing a person the time they need to accept new postural norms.

Every person is unique and the effects of Rolfing are wide ranging. As well as frequently noticing a lasting change in their common aches, pains and frustrating movement restrictions clients often report a lighter and more balanced way of being in the world. For more information about Rolfing you can visit the Rolf Institute’s website or the European Rolfing Institute’s website.

One off Session: 75 – 90 mins, €70
Rolfing 3 Series: 3 x 75–90mins, €180 (€60/session)

Sessions will normally run for 90 minutes – the Rolfer retains the right to close the session after 75 minutes. This is due to the nature of the work; reorganizing the body can be quite intensive and 75 minutes is sometimes enough to achieve the goals of the session.

Customer Reviews

Blaise Christian - 29 July 2018

Je recommande les séances de Rolfing avec Suze. Danseur professionnel puis enseignant, j'ai été véritablement "bluffer"par cet approche holistique. Tous mes remerciements vont à Suze Walker dans l'écoute et le sérieux apportés lors de cette pratique .Merci.

Claire Janigo - 5 August 2018

Excellent therapist, Suze has a wonderful touch and I felt great following her treatments !

Laure Maugeais - 18 June 2018

Je recommande vivement la thérapie Rolfing avec Suze à quiconque qui voudrait s'embarquer dans une vision profonde et globale de son corps (fascias thérapie). Douce, à l'écoute, Suze s'engage pour accompagner dans un mieux être, en conscience, à la mesure de nos dispositions du moment.

George Dovelette - 31 March 2018

I recently finished The Ten Series with Suze. Rolfing was new to me & turned out to be a profound experience. I have definitely experienced physical change - less aches & pains, more flexibility, better posture - but more than that, i have a refreshed awareness of my body, something akin to the physical ease one takes for granted during childhood. The experience has also had a very calming effect on me, releasing mental & physical trauma. Suze is a highly empathetic therapist who really listens to you & your body, adapting the schedule to meet both your physical & emotional needs. A fantastic holistic approach. Thank you Suze!


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