‘Helping you to find balance, flexibility and well-being’

What is Rolfing® and how does it work?

Rolfing® Structural Integration is a touch and movement therapy that works specifically on the web-like network of connective tissues, called fascia, to release, realign and balance the body in gravity.

The Rolfer works to find and release restrictive patterns that may have developed in response to external stress factors - such as injury, trauma or unhelpful postural habits.

Rolfing explores the relationship we have with the body by working with sensory awareness to bring about long lasting change in postural and movement patterns. Unlike many other forms of bodywork, Rolfing is a client-led therapy - the Rolfer and the client work together to discover the ways the body has been responding to gravity and the environment.

The Rolfing process is a series of 10 sessions over 2 – 6 months, sequentially covering the whole body and allowing a person the time they need to accept new postural norms.

Every person is unique and the effects of Rolfing are wide ranging. As well as frequently noticing a lasting change in their common aches, pains and frustrating movement restrictions clients often report a lighter and more balanced way of being in the world. For more information about Rolfing you can visit the Rolf Institute’s website or the European Rolfing Institute’s website.

One off Session: 75 – 90 mins, €70
Rolfing 3 Series: 3 x 75–90mins, €180 (€60/session)
Rolfing 10 Series: 10 x 75 – 90 mins, €500 (€50 / session)

(To benefit from the reduced rate for 3 or 10 series, payment for all booked sessions must be made on the date of the first appointment.)

Sessions will normally run for 90 minutes – the Rolfer retains the right to close the session after 75 minutes. This is due to the nature of the work; reorganizing the body can be quite intensive and 75 minutes is sometimes enough to achieve the goals of the session.

‘Simply unwind, relax or recover and rebuild – massages tailored to your body’


Massages are designed to suit the current needs of the individual. We understand that modern lives change pace from hour to hour and so do our needs at any moment in time. The masseuse listens to client requests and responses. She will create and adapt the massage to produce the best possible session for you – from relaxing stress release therapies to finding and relieving those stubborn tensions in the myofascial tissues.

Suze is a Certified Rolfer - this involves an intensive 6 month hands-on training and a 6 month mentorship period. Rolfing has its roots in osteopathy, yoga and biochemistry. Suze also holds qualifications in Thai-yoga, Ayurvedic and Tibetan massage.

Massage in Clinic (Central Chamonix)
60 min: €70
90 min: €100
(If you are locally based or a regular visitor to the Chamonix valley please enquire about a regulars discount card).

Mobile Massage Service (Chamonix Valley from Servoz to Vallorcine)
60 min: €90
90 min: €120

Consecutive Massages:
2 x 30 min: €45 per person
2 x 60 min: €80 per person
3 x 60 min: €75 per person


Central Chamonix Clinic


Massages available 8am - 8pm.