Suze Walker

Suze Walker - Rolfer and massage therapist.Learning about people and what makes them who they are is what makes me tick. I think that is what makes Chamonix so special – people come here from all over the world to live out their dreams, push themselves further than they think they can go and strive to live more balanced and more adventurous lives.

This addictive mountain lifestyle and searching to find the perfect balance is what led me to Rolfing. As a keen skier, mountaineer, cyclist, trail runner and an International Mountain Leader I nearly had that balance - but my back was still giving me endless problems after years of accidents. At my wits end, after yet another alpine season working through painkillers and emergency stretching, I found Rolfing.

From my very first session I knew I had discovered something fascinating. Restrictions that I didn’t know I had suddenly became apparent to me - and my whole person began to change. The effect it had has been nothing short of profound; not only am I free from back pain but I am meeting the world in a very different way.

Studying Rolfing has given me the tools I needed to live better and be more free in how I express myself - and sharing that with others has brought about the balance I was searching for in life.