Suze Walker

Suze Walker - Rolfer and chamonix massage therapist.

I am fascinated with anatomy and physiology, the science of pain. trauma and the functioning of the nervous system. Learning about the human body is a part of my day to day life in my bodywork practice, in my work as an international hiking and trail running guide, and my time spent ski-mountaineering, road cycling and distance running.

I have worked hard to ensure that my massage and bodywork training has included a wide variety of techniques and approaches. My goal is to carefully design treatments together with the client to provide not only improved flexibility, well-being and muscle tonus but to help them develop a greater understanding of their body.

I studied yoga with Mariza at and have a regular practice thanks to her which allows me to learn more about my own structure and how it constantly changes over time with change of use, stress or injury. I work and learn from what I understand in my own system. I believe that applying a global approach to bodywork - that is to say looking at the functioning of the whole system rather than symptom chasing - can provide longer lasting benefits to a person.

In my experience a deepening awareness of the whole body is the key to any lasting improvements in posture, performance and well being. I struggled for many years with neck pain after riding accidents in my teens and skiing accidents in my twenties. I turned in desperation to Rolfing one day when I was working through painkillers and could barely turn my head. Within a few sessions, deeply held restrictions suddenly became apparent to me - and my whole person and outlook on my pain began to change. The effect has been nothing short of profound; not only was I suddenly free from over 10 years of back pain but I was meeting the world in a very different way.

I believe Rolfing works because it can create connections in the body where it has been forgotten. Rolfing has given me the tools I needed to perform better as an athlete, become a more grounded therapist and be more free in how I express myself.


Rolfer Structural Integrator: ERA & AFRIS
International Mountain Leader UIMLA
Sports Massage Therapist (in training to ITEC Level 4) AMC, London, UK
Thai Yoga Massage Therapist de L'ecole Azenday Formation Massage Paris-Lyon
Ayurvedic Massage Therapist de L'ecole Azenday Formation Massage Paris-Lyon
Tibetan Relaxation & Restorative Massage 9 Day Formation Dharamshala, India

Further Education Workshops

The Spine & How It Works with Tessy Brungardt, Bologna, Italy
The Neurofascial Matrix with Harvey Burns, Rolle, Switzerland
The Sleeve Sessions of Rolfing with PierPaola Volponnes, Munich, Germany
The Core Sessions of Rolfing with PierPaola Volponnes, Munich, Germany

If you are interested in joining me for hiking, trail running, multi-day trekking, snowshoeing or bird watching in and around Chamonix, then please visit