Suze Walker

Suze Walker - Rolfer and chamonix massage therapist.

It is my personal and professional experience that gaining a deeper awareness of the body is key to lasting improvements in posture, performance and overall well-being.

Building a safe relationship with every person is the cornerstone of my practice and I believe in the importance of providing a confidential and non-judgemental space for healing to occur. I have found that looking at the functioning of the whole system in bodywork rather than symptom-chasing provides the most significant and long-term benefits.

In my practice I work from the polyvagal principle that in order for positive change to occur in a therapeutic setting the nervous system must be in a down-regulated state of social engagement and safety. This approach has evidenced the most profound change in myself and many clients struggling with unresolved structural pain and/or emotional imbalance.

I myself turned in desperation to Rolfing after fifteen years of neck, hip and jaw pain, disrupted sleep and constant anxiety. In the process I discovered my many layers of structural dysfunction from various old sports injuries and surprisingly I learned about the highly destructive role of traumatic wounding. I learned from deep within my own system that when there is disorganization in the autonomic nervous system (commonly referred to as the vagus nerve) it is very difficult for the body to find balance - structurally or emotionally.

Structurally I now work from a keen drive to understand my own biomechanic system. I have always found the need to push myself physically and the mountains provide a great platform for learning how to manage and improve upon my endurance and well being. I work part-time as a mountain leader guiding trekking and trail running groups from Chamonix on multi-day trips. Painkillers used to be a necessary part of working life but since Rolfing I am able to complete these trips pain-free. I have become a big believer in minimalist footwear and I recognise how much my feet (and in turn my hips and spine) benefited from re-learning walking after years spent squashed into stiff ski boots. I also now have a regular yoga and functional anatomy practice which helps me to keep learning about how structure constantly adapts over time with change of use.

I have worked hard to include a wide range of techniques and approaches from multiple disciplines in my bodywork training because I had discovered that a wide range of factors were responsible for my own painful limitations. My ‘raison d’etre’ is now to try to help people to become free of their own painful limitations. To this end I am committed to studying regularly alongside my practice - specifically in the fields of functional anatomy and trauma therapy.

I am incredibly grateful that Rolfing gave me the tools I needed to perform better in the mountains, become a more grounded person and become free in how I express myself. Sharing my discoveries with the clients in my practice is a welcome challenge, a true privilege and a joy.

Qualifications & Courses

Rolfing Structural Integratration

European Rolfing Association - since 2017 (
Association Francais Rolfing Intégration Structurale (

Sports Massage ITEC

Sports Massage Level 4, AMC, London, December 2019


The Spine & How It Works : Tessy Brungdart, Bologna, Italy 2017 (2 Day)
The Neural Fascial Matrix : Harvey Burns, Allaman, Switzerland 2018 (5 Day)
The Sleeve Sessions: Pierpaola Volponnes, ERA Munich 2018 (3 Day)
The Core Sessions: Pierpaola Volponnes, ERA Munich 2018 (3 Day)
Rolfing & Trauma Healing: William Smythe, Allaman, Switzerland 2019 (6 Day)
Rolfing & Trauma Healing: Anna Neil-Raduner, Allaman, Switzerland 2020 (3 Day)
Rolfing & Craniosacral Rhythm: Konrad Obermeier, Paris, France 2021 (3 Day)

Online Courses

Anatomy in Motion - 2020 (

Closed Chain Lower Limb Mechanics (25 hrs)

Immaculate Dissection Series - 2021 (

ID 1: Core Concepts (50+ hrs)
ID 2: Lower Limb Concepts (50+ hrs)
ID 3: Upper Extremity Concept (50+ hrs)
ID 4: Neck, Jaw & Hand Concepts (50+ hrs)
ID 5: Peripheral Nerve Entrapment Concepts (50+ hrs)
ID 6: Anatomy of Movement Subsystems (50+ hrs)

Anatomy Trains - 2019 (

Body Reading 101 & Webinar Series (10 hrs)

Gait Happens - 2020 (

Gait Guru : Lower Body Assessment & Treatment Strategy

The Wisdom of Trauma Webinar Series - 2021 (

Seven-day speaker series + 30 hours teaching

Further Qualifications

Bsc Physical Geography First Class Honours 2009 - University of Leeds

L’Ecole Azenday Paris & Lyon - FFMBE (Fédération Français de Massage Bien-Être)

Thai-Yoga Massage - 3 Day 2016
Ayurvedic Massage - 3 Day 2016

Dharamshala Massage School, India

Tibetan Relaxation & Restorative Massage - 9 Day Formation 2015

Most Influential Authors

Dr Kathy Dooley : Immaculate Dissection / Functional Anatomy
Dr Gabor Mate : The Wisdom of Trauma / When the Body Says No
Bessel Van Der Kolk : The Body Keeps The Score
Stephen Porges: Polyvagal Theory
David S. Butler & G Lorimer Moseley: Explain Pain
Dr Stanley Rosenberg: Accessing the Healing power of the Vagus Nerve
Thomas Myers : Anatomy Trains
Peter Levine : Somatic Experiencing
Dr Nicole LePera: The Holistic Psychologist ‘How to do the Work’
David Weinstock: NeuroKineticTherapy
Irvin D. Yalom: Psychotherapy Teachings

If you would like to join me for a guided day hiking, trail running, snowshoeing or bird watching in and around the Chamonix Valley then please get in touch. Prices are 150€ for a half day trip and 230€ for a full day out.